Welcome / Ka-w fè

If you’re here to watch this site, it is that, probably as strong as us, you seek other images and ideas about ourselves …

So, Yé Clik was born, in 2001, as a collective of visual artists from Guadeloupe, eager to make pictures that stand out from usual clichés.

Our conductive line

Transdisciplinary and computer skills are essential today . However, they can not replace an inherent artistic sensibility to all creation. Knowledge of non-electronic technology remains in our view, in this sense, an essential binder in the development of the expression of a visual artist , graphic designer,  videographer or filmmaker. We continue to promote it .  Ready to share our knowledge, we are open to proposals for collaboration in the framework of educational projects. Also, we experience all forms of multidisciplinary visual creations in projects that we carry or that we receive and that we choose carefully.


  • School-based interventions or other (click here to see more)
  • Design & development of visual communication projects
  • Promotion of Caribbean visual artists
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