For a Caribean graphic design

An intellectual bottle at the sea, by Luk …

L'image y est

  1. In 1999 first of all, also visible on my website, « Chyen blan-la » is the first story I created myself. Between 1997 and 1998, as part of my study project, I had already produced a traditional tale featuring « Konpè Moustik é Konpè Chyen ». It was only seen by my family, the school of art and the jury of diploma. On this subject my main objective has been the « graphic emancipation » of the classical illustrations visible in the books and a visual rapprochement towards a form more faithful to the « natural » expression of a tale said. The small 1-minute film of the following year was presented to the general public (at Port-Louis) for a work considered – a priori – as « art. » The ideological roots of an original design are already growing.
  2. A few months before the passage to the year 2000, I conceive the model of the…

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